A Short Walk in the Sierra Nevada

Evolution Valley and Muir Pass (II)

Evolution Valley in the Sierra Nevada

Day 2 - August 8, 2011

Evolution Lake to Le Conte Canyon

14.2 kms / 8.8 mi.
344 m. / 1130 ft. elevation gain
(easy day!)

Early morning at Evolution Lake

Goddard Divide with
Mount Goddard at the west end of the Divide (right)

A JMT landmark -
Evolution Lake inlet stream crossing















Panorama of Upper Evolution Basin with Goddard Divide in the middle

Shooting Star (Dodecatheon)

And water gushed forth from the rock...

Mount Huxley

Wanda Lake with Goddard Divide as backdrop

Wanda Lake - frozen!
Muir Hut at the top of the pass

Lake McDermand

The final stretch to the pass

A Sierra Nevada specialty - giant sun cups!

View north from the pass -
Lake McDermand, Wanda Lake and Mount McGee

Muir Hut

Dedication plaque

Inside the hut -
for emergency use only!

The roof of the hut

A straggler...

Mount Solomons, south of the pass

A last glace north...
before undertaking the descent...

Are you sure it's August 7?

Helen Lake below the pass and Mount Solomans

Helen Lake and Mount Warlow

Helen Lake

This is the trail?

Yep, this is it!

A small step at the outlet of  "Small Lake"

A patch of green and purple in the rock... Sky Pilot (Polemonium eximium)
It grows up to
13800 ft / 4200 m., where few other plants grow

No-Name Peak above No-Name Lake... campsite nearby

What a spectacular hike!

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